When it comes to yoga clothing for men and women, there are many options to choose from, but which combination is right for you? This simple guide should help illustrate some great options for any type of yoga that you may find yourself practicing.

Yoga Clothing for Women

A great all around pick for women practicing yoga is a standard tank top. This will provide you with the full range of arm movement that nearly all forms of yoga require and is lightweight as well. The best tank tops will be one that fits comfortably, but not loosely and does not feature a low neckline, as loose, low cut clothing can lead to you exposing yourself during twisting or bending poses.

Tank tops may be versatile, but in a Bikram/Hot Yoga class, you might want to opt for a sports bra to stay cool in the 100°+ room. When choosing the right impact type, picking a low impact sports bra should suffice.

For slower paced classes such as Lyengar or Vinyasa, you may want to choose a layered approach such as a light sweatshirt over a tank top if you find yourself getting cold. This also gives you the option to remove layers if you end up feeling too warm.

When it comes to bottoms, the standby option is a well fitting pair of yoga pants. A full length pair will work best in a slow moving class, but for a very active class or one that gets very hot, a pair of 3/4 length pants may be a better choice.

A pair of loose fitting shorts or leggings can also work if you prefer.

Yoga Clothing for Men

The initial option of a tank top is also a fine option for men, though a comfortably fitting t-shirt works as well, though the sleeves may get in the way at points.

For hot yoga classes it is often acceptable for men to attend shirtless, but this varies from studio to studio.

For men, bicycle shorts are a popular yoga option as they fit snuggly and stay in place when they stretch.

Options for all

Of course, most  of these options will work for any gender, so choose whatever you’re most comfortable with! The only limit is your own personal comfort and preferences.